Route 66 live songs to download - mp3 format

Here is a variety of songs - live recordings of the band at gigs and practice over the years.Most of the recordings were made on portable casette recorders - so the sound quality is not always great !

Breakin' Rocks Recorded at Kanangra Studio in 1979. D Tuckwell, A Rigg guitar solo1, J Collins guitar solo2, M Fairhurst drums, Bull bass.

These Boots are made for Walking Recorded live at a gig in Noosa 1993. D Tuckwell,A Rigg, L Wilson, J Collins, M Fairhurst.

We Gotta get out of this Place Live at the Forrest Lodge hotel 1982. D Tuckwell,A Rigg, L Wilson, J Collins, M Fairhurst.

Love in Vain Live at a rehersal 1993. D Tuckwell, L Wilson bass, A Rigg slide, J Collins guitar & hammond (added after), M Fairhurst drums.

Dust my Broom Recorded early 80's. D Tuckwell, A Rigg, L Wilson, K Morrison, M Abel.

Fire Down Below As above.

Grab a Snatch As above.

All along the Watchtower As above.

Five People A mixture of 3 live versions - Noosa 1993, Blacktown 1978, Forrest Lodge 1982

Bring it on Home Recorded live at Noosa 1993.

Brand New Car Penned by Mr Fairhurst - recorded live at Noosa 1993.

Creedence Clearwater Medley From Noosa 1993.

Route 66 Kanangra Sudios, 1979. Lineup as per Breakin' Rocks.

Mercedes Benz Noosa 1993.

Woodstock Recorded at a rehersal in 1993. Tuckwell, Rigg, Wilson, Collins, Fairhurst. Hammond added later.

Coming into Los Angeles Live at Noosa 1993.

All day & all of the Night Recorded at a party in Narabeen in 1980. D Tuckwell, G Fryar, A Rigg, Smiley, J Collins.

Bring it on Home - Reprieve Recorded at a rehersal 1993. Bits and pieces added together!

Lex's Intro to Roadhouse Blues Lex's thing.