Custom options available for Strat pickups:

-Plain enamel AWG 42 instead of Formvar insulated wire. Plain enamel was used by Fender after 1966. Plain enamel has slightly thinner insulation and will produce a smaller coil. Plain enamel will also sound a little different to Formvar with a bit more midrange warmth.

-Coils can be overwound or underwound up to 5%.  Overwinding recommended for Bridge position mainly.

-Middle pickup can be RWRP (reverse wound, reverse magnet polrity - this provides hum cancellation in pickup switch positions 2 & 4)

-Alnico 5/2 combination Bridge pickup (Pole pieces normal Alnico 5 on bass side, Alnico 2 for the top 3 strings - this will provide a slightly smoother top end)

- Standard vintage pole piece stagger, or modified stagger (pole piece for G shorter - ie, same length as A)

-Pickups can be made for Left Handed instruments.

-Pickups wax potted on request - 80/20 parafin/beeswax