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Welcome to JCvintage Guitar Pickups

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Handwound Vintage Guitar Pickups for Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars.*

Made in Australia - Worlwide Shipping.

Welcome to the website of JCvintage guitar pickups. JCvintage is a small company based in the Riverina district of Australia. We build (and repair) guitar pickups to authentic vintage specifications, using original, vintage correct materials and scatterwinding techniques to re-create the sounds that the early 50's and 60's pickups are famous for. From this site you can view the products in detail, listen to sound samples and see custom options that are available.

* Stratocaster and Telecaster are Trademarks of the Fender corporation of the USA



About the early Fender guitar pickups

Visit the Fender Vintage Pickup Guide at Vintage Guitar Info site for some good information and specs of old Fender pickups.

To summarise;

The early Stratocaster pickups are renowned for their clarity, "chime" and definition. Those pickups were made using sandcast Alnico 5 pole pieces and 42AWG Formvar coated copper wire which was scatterwound (hand-guided) directly around the pole pieces of the bobbin, spinning on a winding machine. It was the combination of Formvar wire, and the scatterwinding process in particular, that was responsible for the clear, strong tones. At some point - around 1964/65- the factory switched over to fully automated winding machines, and the wire insulation changed to Plain Enamel. The automated machines produced a very uniformly wound coil. The sound of these pickups changed - they had lower output and a thinner sound..........................


****************Mission Statement ******************

To build the very best possible re-creations of the early Fender guitar pickups, using the original materials and construction techniques to produce authentic vintage looking, and sounding, pickups.

JCvintage pickups are not artificially "aged" to make them look old. They will look the way a new pickup would have appeared in the 50's/60's......I prefer to leave guitars and parts to age naturally....................


All enquiries, availability, pricing etc. email: